Daily Dad is right. “They call it a dishwasher for a reason”, he says. If you wash the dishes before you put them in, it kind of defeats the purpose.

“Pre-rinsing dishes is a big mistake,” said John Dries, a mechanical engineer and the owner of Dries Engineering, an appliance design consulting company in Louisville, Ky. “People assume that the dishwasher will perform better if you put in cleaner dishes, and that’s not true. Just scrape. Pre-rinsing with hot water is double bad, because you’re pumping water and electricity down the drain.”

The Fix – Why isn’t my dishwasher cleaning my dishes? – NYTimes.com



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No more batteries for my MP3 player during those daily five mile walks, although I bet the batteries would be a wee bit cheaper.

Some people exercise by power walking. But what if walking could actually provide electrical power? Researchers have developed an electrical generator mounted on the knee that turns walks into watts.

Taking People Power to a New Level – New York Times

Want to make good inexpensive wine even tastier?  Put an expensive price tag on it, according to researchers. 

The region of the brain associated with subjective perceptions of pleasantness, or orbitofrontal cortex for those in the neurological know, lighted up more strongly in people who thought they were drinking pricier Cabernet Sauvignon, even when they were falsely labeled cheap bottles, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Health Blog : Sticker Shock Upgrades Perception of Plonk

For the members of the DailyDad household who may be considering a New Year’s diet resolution (you know who you are)…

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

Bag Borrow or Steal … kinda like Netflix for handbags and jewelry.  Don’t tell K or M, DailyDad says.




Traveler IQ

J and K took a spin at the Traveler IQ game.  They did pretty well, but were no match for 2 year-old Lily.  Perhaps DailyDad should have sprung for a nice atlas for Christmas.