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Bag Borrow or Steal … kinda like Netflix for handbags and jewelry.  Don’t tell K or M, DailyDad says.





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Traveler IQ

J and K took a spin at the Traveler IQ game.  They did pretty well, but were no match for 2 year-old Lily.  Perhaps DailyDad should have sprung for a nice atlas for Christmas.

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Merry Christmas


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Congrats to Rodrigo

(photo from Washington Post)

Congratulations to K’s bf Rod for being named as a first team all-metropolitan soccer player by the Washington Post (boy’s team no less).  He was also named to the Montgomery Gazette “All Gazette” team.

From the Post:

A superb defender with a knack for attacking from the back line. A four-year starter on the varsity, he scored five goals and had six assists.

Boys’ Soccer | Fall 2007 All-Met | washingtonpost.com

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Looks like young K’s first important vote could take place on February 12 in the Maryland presidential primary, assuming, of course, that she registers to vote (I am guessing K comes in a bit high on the procrastination scale). Now, if Maryland would let unaffiliated (Independent) voters vote in the primary, DailyDad would also be able to exercise his civic duty. According the ever helpful Maryland State Board of Elections web site, unregistered voters (like K) have until January 22 to register to vote in the February 12 primary, but already registered, but unaffiliated voters (like DailyDad), must have changed their affiliation by November 19 in order to vote in the primary. One would have had to be a 0 on the procrastination scale to have made that early date.

WASHINGTON – Seventeen-year-olds will be able to vote in Maryland’s Feb. 12 presidential primary.

An opinion Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler issued will require the Maryland State Board of Elections to continue registering 17-year-olds to vote if they are 18 by the time of the General Election.

“Freedom of association in the federal Constitution trumps any state interest in not allowing 17-year-olds to vote; therefore, anybody who is 17 and will be 18 and eligible to vote in the general election can now vote again,” Gansler tells WTOP.

Gansler: 17-Year-Olds Should Vote in Primary

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Procrastinate Now!

DailyDad is a moderate procrastinator, according to a survey administered by Piers Steel, a psychologist at the University of Calgary.  Um, about that Christmas tree.  I promise we will get it soon.

Your score is 38 out of a possible 100

Moderate Procrastinator

You rank in the middle 50% in terms of procrastination. That is, when it comes to putting things off, you do so at times even though you know you shouldn’t. Likely, you are about average in conscientiousness and self-discipline. Probably, your work doesn’t consistently engage you or perhaps you are surrounded by a few easily available and more pleasant temptations. These temptations may initially seem rewarding, but in the longer-term, you possibly see a few of them as time-wasters. Though you likely still get your work done, you could probably do it sooner and experience less stress.

Read more background information at the “TierneyLab” blog on the New York Times.  The last paragraph includes a link to the test site.

Procrastinate Now! – TierneyLab – Science – New York Times Blog

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K, who never seems to want to eat what M and Dailydad are having for dinner, decides she will prepare a package of Trader Joe’s short ribs (Dailydad would simply instruct K to starve, but M is a bit more indulgent).  The ribs were frozen so M instructs K cover them in water in a baking dish to thaw.  Simple enough.  A few minutes later Dailydad is summoned.  Apparently the ribs don’t fit in the baking dish and K is at a loss.  “That’s a pie tin?”, muses K,  “Then what is a baking dish?”  We believe K took and passed a basic cooking course in high school, but perhaps not.

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