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Daily Dad is right. “They call it a dishwasher for a reason”, he says. If you wash the dishes before you put them in, it kind of defeats the purpose.

“Pre-rinsing dishes is a big mistake,” said John Dries, a mechanical engineer and the owner of Dries Engineering, an appliance design consulting company in Louisville, Ky. “People assume that the dishwasher will perform better if you put in cleaner dishes, and that’s not true. Just scrape. Pre-rinsing with hot water is double bad, because you’re pumping water and electricity down the drain.”

The Fix – Why isn’t my dishwasher cleaning my dishes? – NYTimes.com


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Happy Thanksgiving to M, J, K and the rest of the dailydad family.  Bring on the turkey.

Also wishing dailydad’s dad a very happy birthday.


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Maybe we could drop the whole turkey vs ham thing this Thanksgiving and forego cooking all together and simply head over to the high school for our (day early) meal. Substitute fresh for frozen and I’d be tempted. Wait .. I’ve eaten J’s and K’s cooking, and I think they’ve been through this class.

From: whitnet@yahoogroups.com On Behalf Of [teacher]
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 4:04 PM
To: whitnet@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [whitnet] Needed: Parent to buy and deliver to Whitman, room C-215, 4 22 lb. frozen turkeys on 11/14/07

Hi: Each of my 4 Foods classes will learn how to prep, season, roast and slice a turkey for Thanksgiving. They will also learn how to make stock and gravy. Our “tasting menu” will be on Wednesday, Nov. 21. I need a parent to purchase 4 very large frozen turkeys (about 22 pounds each) and deliver them to my room at Whitman during the school day on Wednesday, November 14. You will give me the receipts and I will reimburse you. Remember my disc surgery last November? Well, my “turkey schlepping days” are over and I could use some help. You can also attend our dinner on Nov. 21!

Please get in touch by email asap- or call me at 301 320 xxxx during the school day.


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Turkey or Ham

'Eat Ham' TurkeyThanksgiving is approaching so it is time once again for the big decision — do we (meaning M) roast a turkey or do we bake a ham. Now we know there are two camps in the DailyDad household – those who prefer the traditional turkey (yours truly) and those who disregard tradition, who spit in the faces of those early settlers at Plymouth Rock, who would rather have, egads, ham (namely J, K, and M).

To be fair, we’ll put the decision to a vote. As in past years, given his eminence, DailyDad will be granted ten votes. M, as befits her only slightly less lofty position, will have four votes, J, a high school graduate, will get three votes, and K, low kid on the totem pole, gets two votes. Send your votes to DailyDad by Nov 15 so they can be carefully tallied in time to order the turkey winning selection.

And, if by some unforeseen circumstance we do have ham, make sure not to invite Steve. His is the last comment to this post.

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When it was all about candy and costumes. This is from 1994.

Happy Halloween!


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Mom? When did you learn to sing? And what are you doing in Las Vegas .. or wherever?

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