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When it was all about candy and costumes. This is from 1994.

Happy Halloween!



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Mom? When did you learn to sing? And what are you doing in Las Vegas .. or wherever?

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Hoarding danger


Hoarding danger in Massachusetts

From the Unclutterer blog ..

A study from researchers at Boston University and Smith College asked potential subjects to pick the photo that most accurately portrays their living space. The researchers have found that subjects are quite accurate in their self assessments and that anyone who chooses picture #4 or above may be eligible for hoarding studies and/or treatment.

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So, where do we think K’s room falls?  I’d peg it at #4 … on the way to #9.   Uh Oh.


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So that’s what they are. From the Washington Post.

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Drivers Training

… and they still don’t know how to drive a stick fifteen or so years later … which gives me half a chance to use my car when both are home. 


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Me. Just a typical middle aged suburban dad with an interest in technology. This blog is primarily targeted to an audience of two — my daughters. J is a sophomore at Boston College (go Eagles!) and K is a senior at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda Maryland (go Vikings!). Assuming I keep this thing going longer than three days, my wife, M, may also occasionally take a peek.

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